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Jasmine buds

Jasmine buds

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Jasmine flowers are often used to scent and add flavor to Green teas. Jasmine Bud Tea is one of Chinese herbal tea consists solely of the small and beautiful Jasmine flowers that have yet to open. This produces a caffeine-free and sweet brew. It has been recorded that the Imperial Court of Song Dynasty used fresh jasmine flowers to perfume the emperor's bed chamber. The lovely fragrance is known to have a calmative effects that soothe the nerves, while the Jasmine Bud Tea liquor is refreshing and has a cooling effect on the body.

Taste: Light and delicate taste, smooth in texture and rich in essence; Finishes with a satisfyingly sweet, aromatic flavor.


  1. Relieve Stress;
  2. Moisturize Skin;
  3. Improve Sleeping Habits;
  4. Improve Blood Circulation;
  5. Remove Body Toxins;
  6. Enhance Immune System;
  7. Lower & Prevent High Blood Pressure;
  8. Lower & Prevent Cholesterol;
  9. Regulate Kidney Functions;
  10. Enhance Eyesight;
  11. Maintain Health in the Uterus;
  12. Prevent Cancers;
  13. Reduce Menopausal Symptoms;
  14. Suppress Cancerous Cell Growth;
  15. Improve Metabolism;
  16. Reduce Body Fats;
  17. Provide Antioxidants.

From: China
Harvest/Produced: spring 2020

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