About us


Míng—Tender leaves of tea
Táo—Earthenware, clay ceramics
Xuán—A warm and comfortable room with a relaxing atmosphere.
In Chinese, much can be expressed in three short words. What is the meaning of Ming Tao Xuan?
Here is one way of translating it—A comfortable and welcoming salon where fine teas can be enjoyed in earthenware teapots.
Ming Tao Xuan is different from ordinary restaurants and other tea salons.
Here you can enjoy the cultivated ambiance of Chinese tea drinking, sample refreshments from a vegetarian menu, make yourself comfortable in the elegance of classical Chinese furniture and savour an atmosphere of Buddhist tranquility.
A warm and harmonious décor, together with the fragrance of Chinese teas, evoke an environment reminiscent of Zen where you are invited to enjoy a moment of relaxation.
As our guest, we hope that these plain and simple surroundings help to make your table an island of peace and serenity where you can explore the rich and varied culture of tea.
Tea and vegetarianism convey a caring message that brings people together in harmony. The principle that animates this message encourages us to focus on the values of health, energy, a well-balanced mood and a positive state of mind.