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Taste: Sour, Sweet, and slightly floral. Has a vibrant fruit texture, lays heavily on the tongue, creates a clear finish.


  1. Rich in Protein, Iron & Vitamins A & C *
  2. Lower & Control High Blood Pressure
  3. Act as a Blood Tonic
  4. Treat Liver Disease
  5. Regulate the Female Cycle
  6. Improve Metabolism
  7. Control Cholesterol
  8. Remove Body Toxins
  9. Reduce Body Fats
  10. Nourish Face & Lips
  11. Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases
  12. Prevent Cancers
  13. High in Antioxidants and Flavonoids
  14. Improve Blood Circulation
  15. Enhance Immune System
  16. Maintain Health in the Heart

From: China
Harvest/Produced: spring 2020

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