Clay tea set
Clay tea set
Clay tea set

Clay tea set

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This is stunning Kyusu Clay tea set with extra plate tray. This tea set come with 2 cups, plate and teapot, good for Kungfu tea ceremony preparation.

Style: Kyusu Clay tea set with 2 cups and plate
Material: Purple Clay
Capacity: 150 ml / 150 cc
Box included:
  1. Teapot x 1
  2. Cup x 2
  3. Plate x 1
Workmanship: Exquisite workmanship, vintage pattern, will be great decor your tea parties.
  • Great for traditional Kungfu tea ceremony;
  • Making tea;
  • Great for gift for those who like tea;
  • Teapot:
  • Cups:
  • Service pot:
**Dimensions in centimeters
    • Box dimension:
    • Total: 2.5 kg
    Clay tea set